2021 Winter Series

This year's Winter Series starts on the 30th of May, and runs for eight fortnights on every second Sunday.


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2020-2021 Sailing Calendar

This summer's sailing will return to our traditional Saturday sailing, with events alternating between casual get-out-for-a-sail on one weekend, and larger racing or special events on the alternating weekend.

Casual Sailing is an opportunity for you and your friends to come down to the club and get out on the water. The club and its facilities will be open on these days.

Summer Series will be our typical sailing race format, aiming for at least two races per day, in two groups - before and after the new year.

To mix things up a little and keep it fresh, Special Events over this summer will include single-class-elimination-format-mini-regattas, a long race from Onepoto to Plimmerton, and a one-day regatta over easter weekend.

2020 Winter Series

The 2020 TBBC Winter Series has wrapped up! We've got a few more things to publish, they'll get sent out via the appropriate channels.

Series Results

Centerboard A
Centerboard B
Hansa 303

Final Standings

2020 Winter Series Results

Race 1 - 28/06
Race 2 - 28/06

Race 3 - 11/07
Race 4 - 11/07

Race 5 - 26/07
Race 6 - 26/07

Race 7 - 9/08
Race 8 - 9/08
Race 9
- 9/08

Race 10 - 23/08
Race 11 - 23/08

Race 12 - 20/09
Race 13 - 20/09
Race 14 - 20/09