Join the club

Titahi Bay Boating Club has several different membership options available. We offer a very competitive membership rate.

You don't have to be a member to come for a sail at first - if you're keen to try sailing, get in touch and we'll get you out on the water on our next social sailing day.

Membership Categories & Rates

Junior Sailing Member
For younger members under 19 years old (at the start of the financial year).
Senior Sailing Member
For members 19 years or older, who wish to sail socially or competitively.
Social Member
For those who don't intend to race, yet may choose to enjoy the social atmosphere of  the club.

Membership Benefits

Boat Storage

For our Junior and Senior members, we offer affordable boat storage within our secured facilities. The storage scheme enables those who can't easily move or store their boats to be able to sail more regularly.

  • Short-term lease - 4 months / Long-term lease - 12 months, renewable
  • Long-term leases are available to members of the club.
  • You will need to take your boat out of the shed to perform any maintenance which may create dust (sanding).