Titahi Bay Boating Club is a friendly, community-orientated sailing club, offering casual sailing and racing year-round on Te Awarua O Porirua Harbour. We're also home to several affiliate organisations.

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Winter Series Announcement!

Online Entry Here

A few notes...

  • Entry fees will be handled after the series wraps up.
  • All classes of centreboard and classic yachts are welcome. Two-handed boats are fine.
  • The classes and fleet starts are subject to change and registrations. Don't panic!
  • Due to physical distancing and gathering limitations, we have a limit on how many people we can have on site. Not to worry though, there are two other launching ramps close by.
  • More information, including NoRs and SI's, will be sent out to registered entrants in the following weeks.
  • We're looking for volunteers. Please email sailing@tbbc.org.nz if you'd like to help out in any capacity.
  • For now, please direct any questions to sailing@tbbc.org.nz or contact us on Facebook.

A COVID-19 Update:

After consideration of the current regulations, and of the circumstances of the club and its members, the committee of Titahi Bay Boating Club has now settled on the following regimes under Covid-19 Level 2:

  • The default position is that the whole site remains closed.
  • The site will however be opened for specific periods during each month, with each period of opening covering an event, sanctioned by TBBC’s committee, for a particular purpose:
  1. Every Sunday during the autumn and winter of 2020 the site will be opened for the use of only TBBC club members and their invited guests. The entire session and the protocols that have been decided for the session will be under the sole control of the TBBC Officer of the Day (OOD).
  2. During some other periods during the months of autumn and winter in 2020, the site will also be opened for TBBC club activities.
  3. Other groups, including site sharing groups, may apply to have the site opened for their own designated activities. Granting of such openings of the site – and the protocols that will apply - shall be at the sole discretion of TBBC’s committee.

Every opening of the club’s site – whether by the club itself, or by another party to whom the club has granted a right – will be accompanied by a strict set of protocols aimed at ensuring the safety of the club, its members, members of the using group, and members of the public. The protocols will be tailored to each usage situation and cover such matters as post-event cleaning procedures, numbers of people allowed on the site, the method of participant record keeping, which parts of the club’s facilities are to be in use, etc.

All applications to request an opening of the site must be made by email to the club’s email address, tbbc@tbbc.org.nz. Applications must be made at least one week in advance of the proposed event, and an earlier application is preferred. (Apart from these COVID-19-specific application procedures, the club’s usual procedures for handling site booking will additionally be applied.)

During COVID-19 Alert Level 2, public access to the harbour/water immediately to the south of the club’s site (for the avoidance of doubt: the road that runs along the edge of the club’s site is of approximately east/west orientation) may only be made by walking within the marked pathway to the east of the clubhouse. For clarity:

  • This pathway is for pedestrians only and is not to be used for transport of boats or boating equipment. (For boat launching, there is a public launching site about 200 metres to the east, near the powerboat club.)
  • To ensure adequate social distancing pedestrians may not enter the pathway if others are present on it, and nor should anyone loiter on the pathway.
  • This pedestrian pathway should not be used by others when TBBC members or other approved groups are operating on the site. This is because we need to control the total number of people on the site during any sanctioned event, in order to stay within the limits set out in that event’s protocols.
  • Approved users participating in TBBC-sanctioned events should avoid contact with the marked pathway as much as possible.
  • The requirement to use the pathway in the above prescribed manner is to avoid the club having to monitor and clean the whole site prior to running sanctioned/scheduled activities.

Fishing and other gatherings are not currently permitted on the club’s site, including from the jetty and the floating pontoon. The club does not have the necessary resources to effect the cleaning that would be needed after unscheduled/public activities on the site.

We have contacted Sport New Zealand to clarify the exact conditions under which we can operate. They have advised that they expect to be able to give clear advice on all points within a few days, after they have themselves had clarification from the Government’s COVID-19 team. Once we have all the necessary information we will be able to work on finalising the protocols that will apply to events on our site. We need to have everyone’s patience while we work through these last few details.

TBBC, 13/05/2020

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