Titahi Bay Boating Club is a friendly, community-orientated sailing club, offering casual sailing and racing year-round on Te Awarua O Porirua Harbour. We're also home to several affiliate organisations. [More about TBBC]

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Sea Scouts Annual Regatta on Porirua Harbour


The regional Sea Scouts will be holding an Annual Regatta at Titahi Bay Boating Club, on Saturday the 24th of October (Labour Weekend).

Yes, we had great plans to run our TBBC Open Day on the Saturday, but - whoopsie daisy - an administrative error has resulted in a double-booking. Naturally we'd just try to shove as many boats out there onto the water as possible, but there simply won't be any room at TBBC for other water activities on the day. Instead, we're asking our TBBC members and their guests to come on down to the club and welcome the Sea Scouts for what should prove an excellent day's activities.

The clubrooms will be open, and there will be more boats than you can shake a tiller at.

Keep an ear open for a rescheduled date for the Open Day.

Health & Safety at TBBC


Because there are multiple potential hazards on the site of Titahi Bay Boating Club– both from physical conditions (working wharves, launching ramps, etc) and from the variety of activities that take place on the site, the managing committee of TBBC recognises that it is sensible - and legally obligated – to coordinate and govern concurrent site activities in such a way that all visitors are kept as safe as is reasonably possible. From Saturday 17th October, TBBC will be operating an important new system of management on the club’s site:

Club sessions under the Officer of the Day:

Whenever a Titahi Bay Boating Club event of any type (sailing, training, maintenance, etc.) is being conducted, the TBBC pennant will be flown from the flagpole on the upper level of clubhouse, and an Officer of the Day (OOD) will be appointed, with their name recorded on the club noticeboard, and clipboard attached to the brick wall above the ramp. The OOD has the authority to allow or disallow, and coordinate as they see fit, all activities on the site whether being undertaken by club members or their guests or by other persons on site.

When the OOD chooses to use safety systems to ensure the safety of site users - for example, the placing of hazard cones or limitations on access to various areas - all site visitors are obligated to adhere to the OOD’s instructions.

Open Day at TBBC! - Postponed


Update: Due to an administrative error, the Open Day has been postponed to a later date. We'll reschedule this as soon as we can. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Come down to Titahi Bay Boating Club on Labour weekend, and see what we have to offer! Our club members will be providing sailing opportunities for all people to try their hand at a sailboat, so you can see if sailing at our club is an ideal sport for you and your family.

Learn-To-Sail courses will be run later in Summer, which is the ideal gateway into this excellent life-long skill.

For have-a-go sailing, life-jackets will be provided in all sizes. If you don't like the idea of ending up in the water, we have boats that won't capsize. That said, a willingness to get intimate with the ocean (see: wet) is a must. We can cater for people of all abilities, ages (>5, to be fair!) and confidence.

Our club prides itself on being welcoming to keen sailors of all ages, skill level, ability and ethnicity. Club volunteers will be running a sausage sizzle and providing friendly hospitality. There is no charge for the day's activities.

Let your friends and family know!

In the event of unsuitable weather, we may need to limit the scope of our activities. We will send out updates to involved parties, just register above.

Winter Series Wrap-Up and Results


With clear skies and and a chill morning air, the final day of the TBBC Winter Series saw a small sea-breeze fill across Onepoto Harbour. Tricky light-wind conditions made for three final races to seperate some close contenders on the scoreboard.

Results - including trophies - are published on the Winter Series page.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers, without who this writer would likely still be running around dealing with logistics. They are:

Ray Manning
Cheryl Baughen
Peter Keast
Murray Knowles
Jill Knowles
John Shephard
Gregg Fraser
Gendy Stevenson
Hugh Blank
Cameron Hart
Alan Stewart
Don Manning and Sailability Wellington volunteers.

More photos, including prize-giving, will be up on facebook in the next week or so.

Thank you, all of you, for making this year's Winter Series such an excellent event.


Annual General Meeting & Winter Series Prize-Giving


While no sailing was had last weekend, the 20th of September will see the final day of Winter Sailing at TBBC. This was likely related to the fact that the season was in fact Spring. There are still positions to play for on the scoreboard, so we'll look to get in a solid day's racing in fantastic conditions, touch wood.


Following the final day of sailing, we'll be holding the Prize-Giving for the Winter Series at 1:30pm. A well known local business has come on board to provide some delicious chocolate, so - first place or last - don't miss the occasion.

If New Zealand finds itself still at COVID-19 Alert level 2 on the day, we'll look to hold the prize-giving outside. If sailing is cancelled, we'll still hold prize-giving at 1:30pm.

Annual General Meeting

Following the Prize-Giving, we'll be holding the Annual General Meeting. Current TBBC members will have received an email with the minutes, Commodore's Report, Financial Report and procedure for nominations. Please let us know if you haven't received this, and we'll get it to you. For similar reasons as above, COVID-19 Alert level 2 may see us have a limit on the number of members present, so if you can RSVP, this will help us see whether we need an alternate venue to accomodate all attendees.

As always, flick us an email if you have any questions.

Winter Series - COVID Alert Level 2 Info


For those of you visiting TBBC during COVID Alert Level 2 on our sailing days, please observe the following precautions during COVID Alert Level 2.

All visitors to the site are required to use contact-tracing, either through using the NZ COVID Tracer App 📲, or by filling in the provided contact-tracing sheets. Please do this upon entering the site, particularly those of you rigging up in the carpark.

Contact-tracing and hand-sanitiser stations will be available in the clubrooms, and downstairs outside the Sailability shed, weather permitting. 🌧

Please observe 2 meters of physical distancing from others, and where this is not practical, wear a face covering. 😷 It is a wise idea to bring a face covering along, as the deck and concrete area can get quite busy at times. We'll have a two-person limit in the changing rooms.

If you could also bring correct change for the pies ($3) and soup ($2), that will make life more COVID-compliant for our Kitchen Kommodore. Alternatively, just order from the kitchen and don't pay for it at the time, because we'll invoice you at the end of the series.

And of course, if you're sick, 🤧 stay at home.

Winter Series - Notice to Competitors #2


A second NTC has been published for the 2020 Winter Series:

Notice to Competitors #2

Winter Series - Races 5 & 6

Race Day 4, aka Hurry Up And Wait.

With another marginal forecast, this time at the other end of the wind spectrum, there was much standing around and admiring the glassy nature of the pond, and the pies upstairs. Eventually, a mysterious gradient breeze settled in and two races were had (not pictured).

Happy days.

What about races 3 & 4, you ask? We don't talk about races 3 & 4. 

Winter Series - Races 1 & 2

It's fair to say that winter can be a game of two halves when it comes to the weather. With an intimidating forecast and a wet front passing over two hours before racing, we scored a few fine hours of sun and wind before it all turned miserable later in the day.

Check out the photo gallery on facebook (no login required) and the results.

Thank you to all our tireless volunteers, both on and off the water. Without them, you'd surely still be swimming!

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