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Titahi Bay Winter Series

We are keeping records from previous Winter Series on this site but still have a few gaps to fill. Just click on the Past Results link above to see what we've got. We've also kept the news and pictures from the 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2017 series and you can access them from the links on the menu bar above


We followed our usual formula for this year's TBBC Winter Series which ran over two groups of five Sundays either side of the July school holidays. The series was open to all centreboard classes and full details are available here:
Click here for Final Results and see below for daily reports and pictures.

Cancellation decisions are usually left as late as possible because we, like you, want to sail if we possibly can. We make the decision no later than 7:30 on Sunday morning and then:
  • Update the home page on this website  
  • Send a text message to everybody we've got a cellphone number for.
  • Post to our Facebook page here

Another great day for the final races of this year's series with almost identical conditions to last week allowing us to set the same courses again. We enjoyed another morning of closely contested races that saw a few of the minor places change hands but produced no major surprises in the overall results. We congratulate the series winners who were:
  • Optimist A - Tessa Thornley (PBC)
  • Starling - Fergus Baxter (WBBC)
  • Laser - Reuben Smith (PBC)
  • Open A - Richard Schmidt & Brian Hogg (TBBC)
  • Open B - Rory Kilmister (EBYMBC)
Two sets of photos this week - Hilary Goodman's from prize giving and John Shephard's from the days racing. You can find more on our Facebook page here


A bit light for the start of the first race but a nice steady northerly quickly set in and stayed with us for one of the best morning's racing of the whole series. The sailors rose to the occasion and we were treated to close racing across three of classes - the Lasers and the two Open fleets - with plenty of lead changes to make it really interesting to watch. The support boats had a very easy morning and that gave Craig Thornley (who was filling in on one of the support boats) time to take a lot of really good photos - thanks Craig. Some of my favourites are here but you can see the rest on our Facebook page here.


Just enough breeze to get everyone off the start line for the first race but fortunately things picked up a bit later in the morning as a light and very shifty northerly developed. Short courses (even by TBBC's standard) kept all fourteen boats in close contact and made for some interesting situations at mark roundings. Great to see some new faces on the water and we hope Derek Milne (TBBC - Mirror), Dave Tattersfield and Patrick Mailer (HBC - Sunburst) and Bridget's new Sunburst crew Neil will be back for the rest of the series. Thanks again to John Shehard for today's photos which feature the new faces and show the range of conditions on the day. You can find all John's photos from the day on the club's Facebook page here.


The day's sailing was cancelled. With a forecast offering only a couple of knots of breeze and a good chance of rain showers (both of which proved to be correct) this was one of the easier decisions to make.


We came really close to cancelling but decided to back the PredictWind forecast and were rewarded with a near perfect morning's sailing in a moderate, gusty northwesterly. Even better, we had blue skies for most of it and could watch the shower clouds to the north making their way over to the Hutt. The ten sailors had a great morning and the rescue boats weren't kept too busy. Thanks to John Shephard for today's photos.


We had planned to use the Lay Day scheduled for today but an awful forecast for the weekend (which turned out to be completely accurate) meant that the event was cancelled on the Friday evening.


The early morning decision to go ahead with the day's racing brought out the hard core sailors and made sure that the rescue boats had a busy morning. The first race went off without a hitch but the breeze freshened for the second and went up another notch for the third to give us 20+ knots at the top mark and gusts in the 30s. Everyone deserves credit for toughing the day out but a special mention has to go to the two young sailors Tessa Thornley and Rory Kilmister for battling through the first race and being prepared to out again - well done both of you! The photos were taken before and during the first race - it got too hectic on the water to take any more after that.

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