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Titahi Bay Winter Series

We're keeping records from previous Winter Series on this site but have a few gaps to fill. Just click on the Past Results link above to see what we've got. We've also kept the news and pictures from the 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 series and you can access them from the links on the menu bar above


We'll be following our usual formula for this year's TBBC Winter Series which will run over two groups of five Sundays either side of the July school holidays. We've made one major change to the scoring system and this is now based on best 8 results in each group of 15 races. We've previously used best 13 and that meant you had to sail every week to be in with a chance of winning the series. In recent years, very few sailors have been able to make that sort of commitment so we're hoping that the change will even the playing field a bit and possibly encourage a few more sailors to come out and give it a go.

The series is open to all centreboard classes and full details are available here:
You'll be able to find latest results and daily reports and pictures on this page once the series is underway.

Cancellation decisions are usually left as late as possible because we, like you, want to sail if we possibly can. We make the decision no later than 7:30 on Sunday morning and then:
  • Update the home page on this website  
  • Send a text message to everybody we've got a cellphone number for.
  • Post to our Facebook page here

Brief report and pictures from each day's sailing will be added here as the series progresses.

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