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Titahi Bay Winter Series

We are adding records from previous Winter Series to this site but still have a few gaps to fill. Just click on the Past Results link above to see what we've got. We've also kept the news and pictures from the 2012, 2015 and 2016 series and you can access them from the 2012 Summary2015 Summary and 2016 Summary page links on the menu bar above


We're following our usual formula for this year's TBBC Winter Series which will run over two groups of five Sundays either side of the July school holidays. The series is open to all centreboard classes and there is no need to register prior to the series starting. Full details are available here:

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Winter Series Cancellations
Cancellation decisions are usually left as late as possible because we, like you, want to sail if we possibly can. We make the decision no later than 7:30 on Sunday morning and then:
  • Update the home page on this website
  • Send a text message to everybody we've got a cellphone number for.
Day 10 - Sunday 13 August
Our second cancellation of the series and no doubts this time about whether we'd made the right decision. Strong southerly in all morning, gusts above 35 knots, and frequent heavy showers made this a good day to be indoors.

Day 9 - Sunday 13 August
Still hard to believe that we got any sailing in on Sunday. Saturday's forecasts suggested we'd get 20+ kts gusting 38+ but, with Predictwind's Sunday morning forecast showing much less than that, we went for it and managed to get 3 races away. Had we been able to start 30 minutes earlier, we'd have missed the 15 minutes of mayhem just after the start of  the third race that saw 5 of the 6 starters retire and left James Bitchener in his P with bragging rights as the lone finisher. All 11 sailors definitely earned their points the hard way today.
Pictures (clockwise from top left): two from the prestart for first race, including one for Joseph Bailey - the last one with that bottom section (it snapped in race three); James Bitchener in the prestart for the second race; and the Open B and Optimist sailors on their way to the bottom mark for the first time in the second race.   

Day 8 - Sunday 6 August
Report and pictures coming soon.
Day 7 - Sunday 30 July
First day back after the school holiday break and we had good numbers to get Group 2 underway. The first talking point of the day was the Team New Zealand banner that Murray and Jill Knowles has acquired - really fitting as Josh Junior was a Winter Series regular, making his first appearance in 2003 and winning the Optimist A class.
The second was "where's the breeze gone?" We'd just got the first race away when it disappeared and after an hour with no signs of it reappearing the courses were shortened and everybody was sent back to the finish. For the Lasers and Starlings that happened at their second mark but for everybody else it happened at their first which was no more than 300m from the start line - definitely a slow day at the office. Not surprisingly the second and third races were abandoned.  

Day 6 - Sunday 9 July
No report yet
Day 5 - Sunday 2 July
No report yet
Day 4 - Sunday 25 June
Fourteen boats on the water for a testing morning's racing in tricky wind conditions. We got underway in a very light northeasterly and the breeze kept moving left and wasn't far off being a westerly when we finished the third race. Tessa Thornley took advantage of the conditions to take over the series lead in the hotly contested Optimist Green fleet and the previous leaders in the Lasers, Open A and Open B fleets now have to play catch up after taking a day off and opening the door for their competition.

Today's photos are (clockwise from top left): Lasers, Starlings and Open A race 1 start; Open B and Optimists race 2 start; Starling race 1 finish - Caleb Baxter (914) just edges out brother Fergus; Optimist Green race 1 finish - Patrick Mailer(3956) about to record his first win of the series and pip Tessa Thornley to the line. 

Day 3 - Sunday 18 June

Interesting sailing in a gentle north to northeasterly breeze that freshened during the morning. We got the first race away on schedule and all classes completed three races. It was good to see the Starlings back and also to have some TBBC sailors competing.

Day 2 - Sunday 11 June

The breeze took a while to arrive and the first start was delayed by 45 minutes. We'd laid a course for the predicted northwesterly and used this for the first race before realigning it to the northeasterly that settled in. All classes completed two races and a third was run for the Optimist A, Open A and Open B fleets.

Photo credits today go to Dion Mead who stepped in at short notice when we had camera problems. There are more of his pictures from the day's sailing here.

Day 1 - Sunday 4 June

Racing was cancelled based on a forecast that had a cold wet southerly arriving at around the scheduled time for the first race. The miserable weather arrived early afternoon and we could have had a great start to the series if we'd gone ahead. 

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